In this course the student *) will learn how to professionally select and apply testing strategies to increase both, the quality of the software and the efficiency of the development. The validation of FDA compliance is part of this course.

*) The students have different backgrounds, partially IT prone (e.g. operation of IT systems as datacenters, software development), partially more related to medicine, patient care or administration of healthcare institutions. 


Upon completion of the course students should be able to

  • Differentiate white box and black box tests
  • Know when to apply unit, module, load, integration,  acceptance and system tests
  • Understand the weaknesses and strength of the different testing methodology
  • Have basic understanding of relevant laws, norms and guidelines
  • Select appropriate testing strategies dependent on project size,   technologies and risk
  • Mention important tools and vendors
  • Describe specifics of medical software testing
  • Relate the software testing activities to phases of different software development processes (V-Model, RUP, XP, PRINCE)
  • Know how to implement a structure (organization, tools, other resources) dependent on a given project/company setup.


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