The World Medical Device Summit (WMDS)



The WMDS in a nutshell

The WMDS is an exclusive non-for-profit platform where leading experts meet to align and contribute to more effective and efficient regulatory and healthcare systems.


These experts represent organizations from the medical device and healthcare ecosystem:

  • Government e.g., EU-Commission, Bundesgesundheitsministerium, Wirtschaftsministerium Baden-Württemberg, ZLG
  • Authorities e.g., FDA, Regierungen und Regierungspräsidien
  • Medical Device Manufacturers ROCHE, SIEMENS Healthineers, Sirona, Erbe
  • Notified Bodies e.g., TÜV SÜD
  • Science e.g., Harvard University, University of Copenhagen
  • Society and healthcare institutions e.g., Helios Kliniken


  • The World Medical Device Summit (WMDS) aims to align the different stakeholders, to elicit new ideas for better regulatory and healthcare systems, and to answer questions such as:
  • What are the objectives that regulatory and healthcare systems must optimize? 
  • What are the levers to deliver the desired outcomes?
  • Which products and innovations are needed to support healthcare? 
  • How can we accelerate the process from invention to application in routine care? 
  • How to accelerate the digital transformation of regulatory systems?


The World Medical Device Summit is a continuous and iterative process of

  • identifying problems
  • asking the relevant questions
  • providing input for the scientists
  • evaluating research results
  • translating these results into real world applications such as new devices, new blueprints for healthcare delivery, proposing improved regulations etc.

Host and Location

The events take place in Konstanz, Germany, directly at the Swiss border. 

The venue is provided by the Johner Institute. Its modern building and conference rooms have spectacular views on the lake of Constance, the river Rhein and the entire panorama of Swiss alps. It provides a calm, protected and inspiring environment for productive and enjoyable work.



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