Seminar Internal Auditor (two days) 

Acquire the necessary competencies to support the success of your
company significantly

This seminar will provide you with the competencies needed to perform effective audits as an internal auditor in your company - regardless of the type of your quality management system. In this way, you will not only help to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in the system but also optimally prepare your company for audits by external bodies.

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Internal Auditor (English)
Speaker: Andreas Kalchschmid-Lehmann, Claudia Volk
Location: Online Seminar
Language: English
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Gain an understanding of why internal audits give you safety for future audits by external bodies

You will first learn why internal audits deliver real added value to your company. To do this, we will explain the requirements of EN ISO 19011:2018 as well as the idea and theoretical process of an internal audit. We then go through the contents of the standard in detail. This guide to auditing applies to any type of management system.

Benefit from internal audits to identify ineffective processes in your company and to improve them

With the help of targeted practical exercises based on ISO 13485, you will learn, 

  • to plan and prepare internal audits in a standard-compliant and target-oriented manner, 
  • to conduct audits and audit discussions in a safe manner 
  • evaluate the audit results correctly and document them in a standard-compliant manner, 
  • identify meaningful improvement measures, and 
  • initialize appropriate corrections and corrective actions and follow up on their implementation.

Learn from our team of experts, who also regularly train employees of notified bodies

Our experienced experts will provide you with the necessary knowledge and capabilities in a practical and easy-to-understand manner. They will provide you with valuable tips during the seminar and show you how to deal with potential conflict situations and avoid typical difficulties.

You can find the exact learning content as well as the schedule of the seminar in the agenda:

Download Agenda (PDF)

Note: You need the standards ISO 19011 and ISO 13485 to participate efficiently in the seminar. Feel free to contact us if we can support you or give you tips.



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