Seminar IEC 60601-1 Safety of Medical Electrical Equipment

Get your medical device through approval quickly and without
unnecessary effort

In this seminar, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts of the IEC 60601 family of standards. You will learn to successfully implement the relevant requirements in practice and ensure standard-compliant documentation with the help of various exercises.

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IEC 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment Safety Seminar (English)
Speaker: Mario Klessascheck
Location: Online Seminar
Language: English
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Get the knowledge you need to talk to inspectors and auditors at eye level

You will first learn about the regulatory framework as well as fundamental concepts such as basic safety, essential performance characteristics, or single-fault safety. This will help you to understand the normative requirements better. In addition, we will work together to develop a model that can be used to easily derive important questions, for example, regarding the interaction with risk management. 

Learn how to test your devices and document the results in compliance with the requirements 

To enable you to apply the knowledge you have gained directly in your daily work, you will work through all the topics in exercises using your own case study. Thus, after the seminar, you will be able to

  • apply the most important terms correctly,
  • check an architecture for single-fault safety,  
  • check an isolation diagram for completeness, and 
  • check a risk analysis for completeness.

Benefit from valuable tips from our experienced expert and avoid typical mistakes 

Our expert not only has many years of experience in development and testing according to IEC 60601-1 but he is also involved in standards committees and working groups and can, therefore, provide you with valuable tips on what is ultimately important during implementation.

You can find the exact learning content as well as the schedule of the seminar in the agenda:

Download Agenda (PDF)


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